What are people saying about our workshops?

“Really engaging and human. I felt the session was a must for any parent with a boy. I am coming back with my partner”.
— Cliff Hue

"A beautiful balance between fact and the personal, really well structured"

Francis Watkins, dad

This workshop needs to heard in each school in Scotland"

Teacher, Craigroyston Primary School

“Lots of food for thought. Entertaining and informative”

Rachel Ainslie

“It was outstanding! The session was just too short!”



“Both presenters shared emotional details which I think is great. It encourages empathy and an egalitarian atmosphere".

Kelman, dad

“I’ve loved this, please run it again so my husband can attend. And friends, colleagues, etc. Perhaps take in to schools to share with more teachers.

Fiona, mum / teacher

“I have been so inspired and motivated, thank you"

Teacher, Craigroyston Primary School

"Great presenters, lovely manner, relaxed way of sharing info. Great to have space to reflect on raising my boy and girl

Jessie, mum