Workshops & CPD for Schools

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“I have been so inspired and motivated, thank you”

”This workshop needs to heard in each school in Scotland”
— Teachers from Craigroyston Primary School, Edinburgh

“Boys in a classroom should be one of the most fun things in life. Boy energy can be contagious, after all.” (Gurian and Stevens)

Recent research shows that boys are underperforming in comparison to girls in almost every attainment category. They are also significantly more likely to disrupt classes, be suspended and go on to be excluded from school.  

What is going wrong? And how can teachers enable boys to thrive and foster gender equality and positive school experiences for all?

In our CPD workshops, Nick and Emma bring together the latest gender-specific research and a toolkit of practical strategies for raising attainment and channelling the best energies of boys.

  • Creating boy-friendly lessons – are some classroom activities gender-biased towards girls?

  • How the physicality of boys can foster healthier classrooms.

  • Encouraging reading – how to get boys hooked on stories all over again.

  • How to model gender equality as a win-win for girls and boys after #metoo.

Learning Outcomes

  • A better understanding of the emotional landscape of boys.

  • An awareness of the latest research on gender differences and how to work with them.

  • An increased understanding of the effect of masculinities on boys.