“There’s great native tenderness in children - in boys as much as in girls. But so often I see boys having the tenderness shamed out of them.”

— Tim Winton, novelist

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What is happening to our boys? Recent research shows them underperforming in comparison to girls in school attainment categories and national examinations, and growing up to report significantly lower life satisfaction than women.

“Thank you for putting together such an important workshop”

”I thought Nick and Emma were great, very engaging, knowledgeable, interesting and thoughtful.”

Celebrating boys is about fostering a win-win for gender equality by nurturing emotionally literate boys and enabling them to flourish in all aspects of life and wellbeing - from early years right into adulthood.

We offer workshops for parents and professionals alike and for individuals and organisations  involved in the raising of our boys.




These are big and changing times for our boys and we want to make sure we're doing what we can to raise great and happy men.

Our parent workshops provide a space to think about how best we can raise our boys in today's world. Attending the workshop will give you  a better understanding of the emotional landscape of boys, an awareness of what is happening in the brain during key stages of a boy’s development, an understanding of research on masculinities and how it links to wellbeing and you will leave with strategies for helping boys flourish with a focus on emotional literacy.

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“Boys in a classroom should be one of the most fun things in life. Boy energy can be contagious, after all.” (Gurian and Stevens)

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Recent research shows that boys are more disruptive while underperforming in comparison to girls in almost every attainment category. How can teachers enable boys to thrive and foster gender equality and positive school experiences for all?

In our Celebrating Boys  CPD workshops, we bring together the latest gender-specific research and a toolkit of practical strategies for raising attainment and channelling the best energies of boys.

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Recreation, sport and play are wonderful ways to harness the best energies of boys. Creating environments where our boys can flourish emotionally alongside physically and creatively is a must going forward, for both wellbeing and attainment.

Our workshops for organisations are a space to explore how to do this.

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Our Mission

We are both professionals and parents of boys, passionate about raising a new generation of young men who are happy, responsible and fully alive.